Wednesday, March 27

Juror Presentation | Bryan Konefsky | 1pm

Happiness Is a Warm Projector: Films by Bryan Konefsky 

Michigan Theater Screening Room 

For years, Bryan Konefsky’s moving-image work has struggled with the discomfort of being a citizen-consumer within the trajectory of the United States’s bankrupt history of spiritual righteousness, entitlement, and hubris. The structure of these cinematic interventions often takes the form of essay films, or what Mis ALT screening series curator Tessa Siddle characterizes as “conversations with the mirror.” At their worst, these works could be categorized as solipsistic. At their best, these short films consider what filmmaker Trinh Minh-ha describes as the value of storytelling as history.


Thursday, March 28

Juror Presentation | Stacey Steers | 1pm

Stacey Steers: Animation and Surrealism

Michigan Theater Screening Room 

Stacey Steers presents four short animated films spanning 20 years of process-focused filmmaking. In her handmade films, Steers experiments with new forms of animation in the surrealist tradition, using found footage in a novel way to create provocative narratives. Her mesmerizing films move with a stream-of-consciousness fluidity and summon disquieting dreamscapes drawn from allegory, myth, and archetype.

Friday, March 29

Juror Presentation | Akosua Adoma Owusu | 1pm

Triple Consciousness: Films by Akosua Adoma Owusu

Michigan Theater Screening Room 

The politics of representation depends on dismantling monolithic, reductive, and "Western"-centric renderings of exoticism and otherness in identities. This presentation looks at work by filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu, whose films addresses a collision of identities, where the African immigrant located in the United States has a triple consciousness. This third identity—or consciousness—of the African immigrant transitions between avant-garde cinema, fine art, and African tradition to complicate the nature of identity. Owusu's documentary essay and experimental film work ranges with its varied use of archival material, direct animation, and staged scenes to examine the construction of historical memory and cultural identity. ​


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Thursday, March 28

Meow Wolf | 5:10pm

Michigan Theater Main Auditorium | Free

The speaker series presents the Meow Wolf Collective, represented by two of its members: Chris Cloud and Morgan Capps, who is co-director of the film Meow Wolf: Origin Story (see Midnight Movie, Friday 3/29). Founded in 2008 as an art collective for DIY artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Meow Wolf creates immersive, multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of storytelling. Housed in a converted bowling alley, Meow Wolf welcomes members of the general public into their fantastical world of art installations, video and music production, and extended reality content. Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return is a unique art experience featuring an astonishing new form of non-linear storytelling that unfolds through exploration, discovery, and 21st-century interactivity to inspire visitors of all ages. The wildly imaginative art space involves more than 100 collaborating local artists who together create a distinctive combination of children’s museum, art gallery, jungle gym, and fantasy novel. The group’s 2018 independent documentary film, Meow Wolf: Origin Story, takes viewers through the meteoric rise of the penniless, anarchic art collective as it attracted the support of author George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones), morphing into a multimillion dollar corporation in just a few short years.


Morgan Capps’s documentary storytelling has ranged in subject matter from the lives of coal miners struggling against a shifting economy in Appalachia to Native American food movements taking root across the U.S. After moving to Santa Fe in 2015, Capps quickly fell in love with the motley crew at Meow Wolf and later joined the team as a film director for Meow Wolf’s entertainment projects.


Chris Cloud is the marketing director at Meow Wolf. Cloud is also an artist, curator, cultural developer, and former fixture in Minneapolis’s creative milieu. He was the co-founder of MPLS.TV, an online do-it-together video network; MPLSzine, a submissions-based digital publication; and Pizza Camp, an overnight camp for pizza-loving adults.


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