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Ann Arbor Film Festival:
Art, Science, and Technical Innovation

September 14 | 7pm | FREE


Each year, jurors for the Ann Arbor Film Festival select films to receive over $24,000 in cash and in-kind awards. This free event will showcase recent winners of the Gil Ommen Art & Science Award and the Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film, including two that are featured in our current AAFF tour.  We are thrilled to share at a2Tech360 these films that contain a fascination with science and the use of new technology to tell the human story.

Ann Arbor Film Festival: Art, Science, and Technical Innovation

DATE: September 14th, 2023

TIME: 7pm

LOCATION: 309 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


At the 61st AAFF in 2023, the Ommen Award was presented to 2cent / 10coil, a 10-minute experimental short by Monteith McCollum (Binghamton, NY), and Parasite Family, a 5-minute experimental short by Prapat Jiwarangsan (Bangkok,Thailand) received the Wilde Award. Both of these films are currently part of the 61st AAFF Tour

Films being shown include:

2cent / 10coil | Monteith McCollum | Binghamton, NY| 2022 | 10

Part science, part history, 2cent / 10coil is an exploration into the physical properties of a U.S. postage stamp and the anomalies it presents when subjected to the beam of an electron microscope. Integrated within, are the philosophical musings and speeches of a man in his last weeks of life on a quest entitled, “The Voyage of Understanding.”


Parasite Family | Prapat Jiwarangsan | Bangkok, Thailand | 2022 | 5

Parasite Family is constructed from old film negatives discovered in an out-of-business film lab. Using analog and digital editing techniques, Prapat Jiwarangsan breathes new energy into these old films. He accompanies them on their journey from the world of analog to the world of digital, and finally to the world of AI-generated images and NFT artworks. 


Event space courtesy Sunne Side Productions

image: 2cent / 10coil (detail)

For more information on the AAFF Tour, please visit our program webpage:  

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