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Live Q&A with SERPENTARIUS Filmmaker: Carlos Conceição

The live Q&A will begin Wednesday, August 26, at 5:30pm EDT

You’re invited to a virtual, live Q&A session with SERPENTARIUS filmmaker, Carlos Conceição.

Carlos’ film SERPENTARIUS is the latest of our AAFF PRESENTS monthly online screening series and is now available to rent for free until September 8. Watch it here.

In the film, an unknown tragedy wipes out a South African town where an unnamed traveler journeys through the post-apocalyptic African landscape to find his mother. SERPENTARIUS opens with a short introduction about the director's life offering up the narrative that this is both a personal and existential journey. The film transcends time and space and brings questions of colonialism, death and existence to the forefront.

Portuguese director Carlos Conceição was born in Santa Clara, Angola in 1979. He earned a PhD in English and studied Film Directing and Sound Design. After several video installations and short films, he made his first feature-length film SERPENTARIUS. Conceição has been lauded with a 2014 retrospective at the French Cinematheque in Paris, followed by the 2015 DVD release of his work in short film.

Mix up a cocktail, come prepared with questions, and we’ll see you online!


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