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Features in Competition: Online & In-Person

Published 3/7/2022

The 60th AAFF is thrilled to announce the 12 Features in Competition at this year’s festival.

11 of the 12 Features in Competition will be available for on-demand viewing online** from March 22nd until 11:59pm EDT on March 31st. Online & In-Person screenings may be followed by a filmmaker Q&A.

To find our online festival, follow this link. To find tickets for the screenings below, click on their titles.

Find trailers for most of the feature films below!

**Deontes Films Geoblocked to Michigan Only

Rising Sun Blues (Rua dos Anjos)

by Renata Ferraz and Maria Roxo | Portugal

In-person screening: Wednesday, March 23 | 5pm | Screening Room A film built upon the encounter and joint filmic creation of two women. In it, they share and witness personal stories while exchanging certain techniques of their respective crafts: sex work and filmmaking.

by Madison Bycroft | France

In-person screening: Wednesday, March 23 | 9pm | Screening Room

Louis is a patriarch, steeped in a tradition of measurement and naming. The eponymous chevaliere is portrayed collectively by young adults who are under Louis' watch. They feel themselves limited by his expectations, and are bound to the structure of the Estate.

by Stefan Pavlović | Netherlands / Bosnia and Herzegovina / France

In-person screening: Thursday, March 24 | 5pm | Screening Room

A friendship between the filmmaker and a fisherman. One lost his mother-tongue because of a stutter, the other lost his hearing during the Bosnian civil war.

by Fern Silva | Various Locations

In-person screening: Thursday, March 24 | 7pm | Screening Room

From the earliest voyagers, to present-day astronomers, explorers have long made Hawaii the hub for their searching. Today—as lava continues to flow on the island—another crisis mounts as scientists plan to build the world’s largest telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s most sacred and revered mountain.

by Charlie Shackleton | UK | In-person only

In-person screening: Friday, March 25 | 5pm | Screening Room The Afterlight itself exists as a single 35mm film print. Further eroding every time it screens, the film is a living document of its life in circulation. Eventually it will disappear entirely.

by Pedro Henrique | Portugal In-person screening: Friday, March 25 | 9pm | Screening Room

You're in a great rush, to go to that fuss / To spend eight hours alienating / But you already do that from Monday to Friday / and at the Club, you’re the one paying

by Nao Yoshigai | Japan

In-person screening: Saturday, March 26 | 1pm | Screening Room

The Shiretoko Peninsula is a special place located in the northernmost part of Japan where rare, wild animals coexist with humans and drift ice reaches its coast touching the Sea of Okhotsk in winter. But for some reason, there is very little snow in the winter of 2020. The drift ice hasn’t appeared yet, either.

by Felix Dufour-Laperrière | Canada

In-person screening: Saturday, March 26 | 5pm | Screening Room

A true, animated film about invented islands. About a physical, imaginary, linguistic, political territory. About a real or dreamed country, or something in between. Archipelago is a feature film made of drawings and speeches, that tells and dreams a place and its inhabitants, to tell and dream a little of our world and times.

by Andy Kirshner | Dearborn, MI

In-person screening: Saturday, March 26 | 5:15pm | Main Auditorium

A hundred years after the publication of his notorious anti-Semitic screed, "The International Jew," the ghost of Henry Ford returns to Detroit to face a troubling legacy. A poetic documentary, based on historical documents, Ford's personal notebooks, and the automakers's tragic relationship with his forgotten son, Edsel.

by Brigid Maher | Washington, DC

In-person screening: Sunday, March 27 | 1pm | Main Auditorium

A documentary that delves into the life of film curator Sally Dixon. Sally was known as a trailblazer in the "film as art" movement in the 70s and founded and directed the Film Department at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. Interviews feature Carolee Schneemann, Jonas Mekas, Bruce Baillie, Ken Jacobs, and Robert Haller.

by Kamila Kuc | UK / Abkhazia

In-person screening: Sunday, March 27 | 1:15pm | Screening Room

Seven inhabitants of a de facto state on the Black Sea unfurl a web of stories about loss and displacement through the re-imaginings of dreams and memories of the 1992-93 war in Abkhazia. What We Shared employs emotive soundscape and imagery to produce a sensory reflection on artistic practice as a powerful binding force and an act of resistance to dominant power structures.

by Maria Judice | San Francisco, CA

In-person screening: Sunday, March 27 | 3:15pm | Screening Room

After witnessing a murder of a young boy by a cop on her doorstep, Maria finds her mental health struggling. At thirty-seven, violence and death compound into a fear of the outside. As she self-isolates, she unpacks individual, collective, and generational trauma. Her beloved community keeps her connected with frequent care visits. elephant is a visual meditation on the physiology of grief.


Thank you to CTN for this great interview with Andy Kirshner, Filmmaker for 10 Questions for Henry Ford !



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