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Exciting news for Ann Arbor residents and University of Michigan students!

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is collaborating with the Ann Arbor District Library on the addition of film festival films to their collection. If you are an AADL cardholder, you already have access to four AAFF films currently available. To obtain a library card, just stop by your nearest library with proof of Ann Arbor residency to sign up. As a U-M student, I can say from first-hand experience that this process takes no longer than five minutes and is free!

To find the four films mentioned, go online to and look up the “Ann Arbor Film Festival.” These films will appear in your search (alongside our digital archive of posters and program books) and you can watch them online. Synopsis, AAFF festival screenings and awards, connection to the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and other information is included in each record.

This project is ongoing, so after you have watched these films keep an eye out for more to come through the library’s collection in the future!

Films currently available online at the AADL:

Those Who Come Will Hear, Simon Ploueffe

Screened at the 56th Festival, 2018

Received a Jury Award

I Think You Should Come To America, Kamila Kuc

Screened at the 55th Festival, 2017

My Private Life II, Jill Daniels

Screened at the 55th Festival, 2017

Winner for Best Experimental Film

Walk For Me, Elegance Bratton

Screened at the 55th Festival, 2017

Winner of the \aut\ Award for Best LGBTQ Film

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