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This year’s 55th Ann Arbor Film festival was a resounding success, with many interesting, provocative, and groundbreaking new films shown. Now, many of the Festival’s award-winning films can be yours on our newly released AAFF Volume 10 DVD, which is now available to order!

With cover art by goodgood and layout designed by Joan Wind, the 10th Volume in the AAFF DVD collection is a must-own for any devout Festival-goer!

The collection includes the films Commodity City (by Jessica Kingdon, winner of the Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker), Walk for Me (by Elegance Bratton, winner of the \aut\ Film Award for Best LGBTQ Film), Mind Frame (by Jake Fried), The Interior (by Jonathan Rattner, winner of the Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film), Pokey Pokey (by Junjie Zhang, Jury Award winner), Sleeping with the Devil (by Alisa Yang, winner of the PROCAM Best Regional Filmmaker Award), Absence of Memory (by Rita Piffer, winner of The Eileen Maitland Award), and Xylophone (by Jennifer Levonian, winner of the Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival).

The DVD is available on our website for only $15.00 and will ship later this month!

If you would like to purchase the DVD for non-individual use (educational, theatrical, etc.), please contact Allison Buck at

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