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We are excited to announce that Esteban Pedraza’s Deafblind Couple won the Audience Award at the 55th AAFF! The Audience Award is chosen by Festival attendees through casting ballots for their favorite film. Deafblind Couple is a short cinematic ode to the sensation of touch and the feeling of intimacy with another human being. It was screened in the Films in Competition 2 program on Wednesday, March 22nd and Pedraza was in attendance at the Festival. Pedraza’s first short film, People I Know, won an award in the UK presented to him by Tony Blair in 2010. He pursued a degree in film through Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and graduated in 2013. Esteban and his business partner Aaron Pryka are also currently working with The Endless Collective to develop VR experiences. Congratulations Esteban!

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