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In the most recent episode of “Let’s Watch with the Ann Arbor Film Festival” Dana Denha speaks with dancer and filmmaker Peter Sparling. From the time Sparling took an introduction to dance class in 10th grade at the Interlochen Arts Academy, he has been in love with choreography. He went on to study at Juilliard and has since combined his passion for dance with film to create some amazing artwork, including his film “A Screendance by Peter Sparling” shown in this episode. Sparling is a Professor of Dance at the University of Michigan and his installation, the Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP), is part of the 55th AAFF Off the Screen! series. This project invited students, alumni, and faculty from the University of Michigan to submit project proposals for the PUPP. The pavilion structure, designed by Robert Adams, consists of five projection screens in an “S” shape where bodies are floated against a black screen to be viewed from various vantage points. It is an interactive experience for the audience and allows viewers to immerse themselves in Sparling’s piece. The AAFF is so excited to share Peter Sparling’s work! Make sure to listen to his perspectives on “Let’s Watch” before you go see his work during Festival week.

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