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At the 54th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival, we continued our “Expanding Frames” workshop and discussion series on filmmaking, film watching, and everything in between. We know these popular discussions and panels are often hard to fit in during festival week, so this year we recorded a live stream of each Expanding Frames session! If you were not able to make it to a particular discussion or panel during the week, or if you participated in an Expanding Frames talk and would like to see the documentation or share it with friends, we have links to all the recorded workshops below!

Please note: Each video begins streaming before the talks begin- simply fast forward a bit to get to the talks themselves. The workshops “Making Movies: Remixing Narratives” and “Shoot, Scratch n’ Stomp: Let’s Play With Film!” were not live streamed as the interactive workshop format of those events did not lend themselves to stationary camera placement filming. Every other event is available to watch through the links above. All videos were recorded with Wire Cast’s watermark, but are still easily viewable with suitable audio and video. Enjoy!

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