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At the AAFF, the viewers are often drawn into direct dialogue with the works. Grahame Weinbren’s audience-interactive film 78 Letters leads further into active participation. 78 Letters is the most recent iteration of his ongoing series Letters, composed of one-minute films in which the audience determines the sequencing. The program will be presented by Grahame Weinbren himself at 3:15pm, March 20, at Michigan Theater Main Auditorium.

Each of the films in Letters is associated with a letter of the alphabet. The audience selects the sequence of films by acclamation, i.e. shouting out the letter film they'd like to see next, so it is 'interactive' in a kindergarten kind of way— a parody of democracy. For the AAFF screening, there will be 78 Letters, including some that are quite personal and private, and several which will be shown for the first time. The subjects range from portraiture to still life, from musical to memorial, from landscape to kitchen, from manic to depressive. As the work progresses, themes emerge, as well as short narratives fragmented across several letters.

Grahame Weinbren is a pioneer of interactive cinema. His installations have been exhibited since 1985, including the Whitney Museum, ICA (London), the Guggenheim Museum, the Bonn Kunsthalle, and the Centre Georges Pompidou. To learn more about the filmmaker, please visit his website here.

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