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This past weekend, the AAFF Board of Directors attended a retreat hosted by NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, Inc.) Vice President Diana Kern. The goal of the retreat was to foster camaraderie between board members new and old as well as staff, and to set clear goals and expectations for the AAFF in the coming year. Diana Kern’s presentation “Achieving Excellence as a Nonprofit Arts Board” offered interactive training for the board and staff on best practices and ambassadorship for fundraising.

Our Board of Directors left the retreat with a unified vision, a reaffirmed commitment to our founding principles, and a main goal of increasing efficiency and transparency in all its operations. We are excited to put Diana Kern’s techniques for effective leadership and fundraising into practice, and for the future of the Festival as it enters its 54th season. This retreat and its subsequent benefits have been made possible with the generosity of MCACA and the Arts Alliance; we offer a tremendous thank you for their support of the AAFF in our efforts to be the very best that we can be.



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