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AAFF Key Sponsor and UK University of the Year, Edge Hill University, which has shown the AAFF touring program for the past several years, sent the Festival two wonderful interns to support our production of the 53rd in March 2015.

Creative Writing and Film Studies majors Philip Donnelly and Harriet Hirshman travelled overseas to Ann Arbor from Ormskirk, Lancashire to join our intern crew. They arrived about a week before and stayed through Festival week at Ann Arbor Inter-Cooperative Council student housing co-op Truth House.

The students helped out in a variety of ways including delivering tickets, ringing up senators, assembling filmmaker packets, documenting workshops, helping to set up art displays, and even becoming part of an artwork through assisting Flatsitter in its oculus rift performance.

Here is a poem sent to us by Philip, which he included in his final Creative Writing portfolio. It was inspired by the AAFF and the Michigan Theater.


Reel after reel the scratched film flickers through 28 sparks and 53 years of people rolling down the majestic staircase. Rows of chairs soak up the darkness until snaps of light foams the red velvet into

Opening night. People take to their numbered seats in no particular order. Glacial whiskeys in the hands of well spoken women who curve their lips around the word 'fuck' with delight. Thoughts of George are fond. Spliced and cut with elegant cinnamon dresses against grainy footage of sex and parrots.

Vomit out the aisles and spill into the lobby amongst the salty aroma of burnt pine and acid tongues burning holes into subtext.

Philip Donnelly Spring 2015

Posted on September 2nd, 2015



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