Borders and Boundaries

Artists and scholars: How do you navigate borders in your practice, your research? The New Media Caucus (NMC) wants to know—and invites you to come and engage with other artists and scholars on this topic at the NMC’s annual symposium and exhibition. This year’s event, “Border Control,” will take place September 19–22, 2019, at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art Design and Stamps Gallery at the University of Michigan. The Ann Arbor Film Festival is proud to serve as a community partner. For a detailed description of symposium events, check the mind-blowing schedule. About the NMC The NMC is an international nonprofit association that was formed to promote the development and understanding of


The title of the next film in the “AAFF Presents” series is unpronounceable in spoken language. “<3” is an emoticon that lives in the realm of digital communications and the Internet. The title is an icon, a symbol, a wormhole. The film is a love story told in a fierce female dialect, in which what we know IRL is plunged deep into the digisphere as the parable unfolds. Described by LNZ (Lindsey Arturo)—who is both the subject and maker—as a “60-minute selfie,” the film launches us into space in a self-styled La-Z-Boy rocket. Our protagonist tells a tale of what may be her last night on earth. She swaggers and emotes (often both at once) through a constellation of music videos punctuated by s



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