Coming Soon: Call for Entries

On Monday, July 1, the Ann Arbor Film Festival will open its call for entries for the upcoming 58th festival. Though the festival takes place in late March (March 24–29, 2020), this opening of submission activity in July marks the true beginning of festival planning. The call will be open through September 30, 2019, with an early submissions window in the month of July, regular submissions in August, and late entries accepted throughout September. If the festival has learned anything in its 58 years, it is to stay curious about whatever may come its way. This includes not only the wonderful films that are submitted each year, but also the tools that are used to review each submission. This y

Now See This

Next up in the new monthly screening series “Ann Arbor Film Festival Presents…,” on Wednesday, July 10, is the award-winning film My Friend the Polish Girl. Directors Ewa Banaszkiewicz and Mateusz Dymek recently won both the Grand Prix and the Award for Best Photos (aka Best Cinematography) for the film at the 38th Festiwal Młodzi i Film in Koszalin, Poland. Set in London, My Friend the Polish Girl is a fictional tale made to look like a documentary. The film explores the relationship between an American amateur filmmaker, Katie, and her subject: an unemployed Polish actress, Alicja. The film is provocative and, at times, disturbing. The power dynamic between the two characters puts privileg

New Kid in Town

Three weeks from today (July 11–14, 2019), please join the AAFF in welcoming the up-and-coming Nevertheless Film Festival to town for its inaugural year! Nevertheless is here to celebrate and elevate the work of female-identifying filmmakers. With a festival program that proudly features films made by crews in which women hold at least 50 percent of the leadership positions, this four-day celebration of women in film will bring documentaries, narratives, and short films to Ann Arbor from around the world. We are especially excited about the hybrid narrative-documentary film Senior Escort Service (pictured, above), playing on Saturday, July 13, at 4:30 p.m. Director Shaina Feinberg will be in

Searching for a Graphic Designer

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is looking for a graphic design professional or team to work with us throughout the 58th festival season (through May/June 2020) and potentially beyond. The graphic designer’s role entails developing a visual identity for the 58th AAFF in collaboration with festival staff and stakeholders, as well as designing marketing materials for the organization. The wide range of materials that will bear the imprint of this hands-on designer or team, from concept to completion, could include any or all of the following: a 150-page program book cataloging festival activities and works posters ranging from 40” x 26” marquee posters to an 11” x 17” promotional poster and an 18”

Art House Convergence and the Ann Arbor Film Festival

The AAFF is excited for the Art House Convergence regional seminar happening at the Michigan Theater next week! The seminar will bring art house theaters together from around the midwest to connect and learn about the power of inclusive and diverse programming through art house cinemas. Best part? The gathering will be right here in Ann Arbor! Themes for the seminar include Arab American cinema, fundraising, visioning, and much to our delight, experimental film. Two members of the AAFF team will be attending the conference to learn and connect about art house programming, experimental film, and the greater film community, as well as to present on panels during the conference. AAFF Festival D

First Stop: Madison

It’s official: The 57th AAFF Tour is set to hit the road with its first stop on June 28, as part of the Rooftop Cinema series at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in Madison, Wisconsin. The tour stop will feature a program of notable and award-winning films from the 57th festival. (For details, including a list of the films, see "Digital Program Two" on the tour page). If you are in the Madison area, be sure to catch these great films in a one-of-a-kind setting! You can find out more about the series in this recent article. In addition to the program that will show at the Rooftop Cinema, the festival offers two other amazing screening options: • Digital Program One includes a different



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