(Vicki Honeyman and her dog, Lucy at her store Heavenly Metal - PC: Courtney Sacco) Each Friday at the Festival offices our intern team gathers together to work together on the upcoming Festival, make plans and discuss any pressing business. Last Friday, Vicki Honeyman, former AAFF Executive Director and dear friend of the Festival, visited the office to tell her AAFF history and to give our interns some perspective on how the Festival operated during the pre-digital age. Vicki, who ran the AAFF as Executive Director for 15 years, almost single-handedly brought the Festival back from being on life-support to become the thriving event that George Manupelli had intended. While owning her own s


Mike Olenick, who screened has screened films at past Festivals (such as The Son of Samsonite at the 42nd, Beautiful Things at the 53rd), and who also edited a fantastic trailer for us in the past, has recently had a great deal of success with his latest short film The Cure. The Cure screened this year at the 55th AAFF, it was chosen as an Official Selection of Fantasia International Film Festival (a premier genre film festival in Montreal), and was later featured on the Nightmares Film Festival Top 13 list. It has also been chosen to be screened at Fantastic Fest! Congratulations to Mike and his continued success this year with The Cure! *Check out his official website here!* Alisa Yang


Are you a student, looking for an amazing work experience? Then look no further! The Ann Arbor Film Festival, the oldest avant-garde and experimental film festival in North America, is seeking interns for a variety of positions for its upcoming 2018 season! The Festival has promoted bold, visionary filmmakers through the advancement of film and new media art for over 50 years, and is thrilled to get started on our 56th season! We are looking for intelligent, hard-working, dynamic, self-sufficient interns to assist in the Festival’s Operations, Sponsorship & Sales, Membership and Outreach, Public Relations, and Technical aspects of the Festival! An internship with the AAFF is an amazing oppor


At the 55th AAFF, we sat down with filmmaker Jim Trainor, who has shown many films with us in the past, to discuss his new film The Pink Egg, a live action departure from Trainor's previous animation efforts. The Pink Egg reflects Trainor's lifelong fascination with nature, using real actors to portray the life cycles of insects. While describing his latest project, Trainor also took a minute to acknowledge the massive impact that the Festival has had on his life: "Around 1998 I showed an animated film that I made called "The Fetishist" the time I was living in New York City... somebody saw my movie and now he's my collegue, Chris Sullivan...he came to Ann Arbor and was watching films a


At the 55th AAFF, we sat down with filmmaker Ann Oren to discuss her film Deux Femmes (for Man Ray), an erotic tribute to a posthumously released pornographic film by artist and photographer Man Ray. Oren’s Deux Femmes captures intimate scenes captured on photos and presents a scene, a movement, one photo at a time making a movie in a movie of sorts. As well as explaining her background and the inception of the idea for her film, Oren also praised the Festival: “I think it’s an amazing Festival...I really wanted to participate in it for so many years [but] I don’t think I ever did a film that was quite right for the style of the [Festival] before...I love the premise of the Festival, showing


A Word from our Executive Director What makes the Ann Arbor Film Festival unlike other film festivals? Going on 56 years, we are the third oldest in the States. Showing experimental and avant garde art films distinguishes us from the vast majority of other film festivals. Setting the stage for our longevity and content, however, is our location. Ann Arbor and its historically progressive spirit is a huge part of our essence and staying power. It’s hard to know how deep Ann Arbor’s forward-leaning roots extend. In the late forties, barber shops that refused to serve African-Americans were picketed by university students. During the sixties, when the AAFF was founded, counter-culture activity


At the 55th AAFF, we sat down with filmmaker Blair McClendon to discuss his Jury Award-winning film America for Americans, which explores different responses to black activism and protest throughout our country. As well as explaining his intent for his film, McClendon had kind words for the Festival: “...Ann Arbor was open and receptive to not only a broad range of films, but to...a range of films that were not just attempting to say something new, but to say something in a different manner” Check out other AAFF videos on our Vimeo Page!


On August 26th, we gathered in the Waterhill neighborhood of Ann Arbor and enjoyed a fun night of film and friends! A heart-felt thank you to the local community for making the event a success-- we are grateful for your support! Over 100 people attended, with many generous contributions to the Festival! At the event, we also brought out the newly released tenth volume of the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s DVD collection, featuring selected highlights from the 55th Festival. It is now on-sale on our online store!



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