The most recent episode of “Let’s Watch with the Ann Arbor Film Festival” was unique to the series. The featured filmmaker, Sean Kenny, could not make it for an interview with Dana Denha but instead created a video to share his inspirations and insights on experimental film. Kenny is a psychologist and filmmaker and is the founder of the Pickle Fort Film Collective in Grand Rapids, MI. His film, Astral Atomic, screened at the 55th AAFF as part of Films in Competition 1. In the video, Kenny includes clips from Slacker by Richard Linklater and Laurie Anderson’s Language is a Virus. He was introduced to experimental film when his cousins shared these two films with him. There are also clips fro


55TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS LIST Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival Xylophone (Jennifer Levonian) Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker Commodity City (Jessica Kingdon) Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film The Interior (Jonathan Rattner) Lawrence Kasden Award for Best Narrative Film Sadhu In Bombay (Kabir Mehta) Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film Railment (Shunsaku Hayashi) Best Experimental Film My Private Life II (Jill Daniels) Gil Omenn Art & Science Award Artificial Intelligence for Governance: AI the Kitty (Pinar Yoldas) Prix DeVarti for Funniest Film "The Talk" True Stories About The Birds and The Bees (Alain Delannoy) RingSide Creati

AAFF Education & Community Partners

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is deeply committed to community engagement and developing bonds with local organizations and education institutions. It's a vital facet of our mission to engage folks of all identities and interests with remarkable cinematic experiences. We are incredibly proud of our Community Partner and Education Partner programs, in place to facilitate a symbiotic relationship between the AAFF and other organizations that help shape their communities. Whether it be through public support or expansive outreach events, the AAFF has nurtured a legacy of deep involvement with our Education and Community Partners. We extend a huge thank you to the Community and Education partners


Alisa Yang’s experimental documentary short Sleeping With The Devil is showing at this year’s 55th Ann Arbor Film Festival. Yang is a graduate of the University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, and this is her second film. The first, Please Come Again, her graduate thesis work, depicts the culture and psychology of Japanese love hotels. Sleeping With The Devil is raw and direct in its reflections on the artist’s personal past with Evangelical Prophetic ministries. In it, she subjects herself to a Skype interview with a professional exorcist, then mixes the recording with footage appropriated from various online sources. Yang uses humor to disarm the audience during the beg


The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has awarded the AAFF funding to present multiple film programs, over the course of two years, highlighting work that explores issues affecting the Black Diaspora. For the 55th AAFF, the Andy Warhol Foundation grant enables the Festival to commission a program by the New Negress Film Society: a core collective of Black woman filmmakers whose priority is to create community and spaces for support, exhibition, and consciousness-raising. Film artists Frances Bodomo, Kumi James, Stefani Saintonge, Dyani Douze, and AAFF alumna Ja'Tovia Gary, are founding members. As a collective they will be discussing the topic of black women’s spectatorship and “loo


One of the most competitive film festivals in the USA, the Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) was named by Variety magazine in its Top Ten favorite festivals in the world, citing its strong artistic vision and championing of artists. In 2017, the festival received more than 2500 submissions from over 65 countries. The AAFF is renowned for introducing the world to pioneering work, including the early films of Kenneth Anger, Brian DePalma, Devo, Barbara Hammer, George Lucas, Yoko Ono, Gus Van Sant, Agnes Varda, and Andy Warhol. In celebration of this momentous event Christen Lien will be releasing “The Escape” her first single from her triumphant album "ELPIS" on March 24th. A moving and spirite


Frank Pahl was featured on the most recent episode of “Let’s Watch with the Ann Arbor Film Festival.” Pahl is a long time alumni of the Festival and his band “Little Bang Theory” is performing with Page of Madness on Wednesday night (March 22nd) of Festival week. Pahl has collaborated with Terri Sarris, who is also in the band, since the ‘90s, and their film Clowning Around is part of the Films in Competition 11: Music Videos, as well as Circular showing in Films in Competition 6. In this episode Pahl tells the show's host Dana Denha how he got his start in music and filmmaking when he was an undergrad at Wayne State University, and then went on to get his BFA at the University of Michigan.


The first trailer is out for the 55th AAFF! Created by Jason Jay Stevens, it gives a taste of what is to come at this year’s Festival. Check it out here!


“Off the Screen! Expanded Cinema from the Ann Arbor Film Festival” opens at the Ann Arbor Art Center on March 10 and runs through Festival week. This exhibit showcases three video installations, as part of AAFF's Off the Screen! Pioneering Taiwanese video artist Yuan Goangming's 3-channel video projection Indication, depicts people emerging from a deep, dark background to address the spectators. Detroit-based Simon Alexander-Adams and Isaac Levine present Moiré Pool, an interactive multimedia installation that generates sound and image in reaction to the spectator's movements. Mixed media installation Wheatfields and the Sea or: How to feel deprived of sensation by Jonathan Rattner and Ayşe



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