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Everyone is Welcome. Bring Friends. Bring Family. Bring You. A Word From Our Executive Director: Now, more than ever, let us exercise our right to declare who we are, to profess how we are, to articulate what we desire, and to describe the ways that we are both different and the same as others. Is this our inalienable right? Or are we better off conforming to sameness, where our only choice is which product to buy or country club to join? For 55 years the Ann Arbor Film Festival has been a home for free speech. We hold a space to relay a wide range of stories about ourselves and our human-ness-- and to talk freely about it with each other. AAFF was born of a counterculture that champion


The AAFF declares endless gratitude to our wonderful partners and sponsors. The 55th season of the Ann Arbor Film Festival is just around the corner, and your support is making it happen! Because of you, in just a few more weeks, the best in artist-made film and video is coming to our community of local, national and international AAFF-lovers. We are proud to partner with so many exceptional restaurants, businesses, and schools. We thank each of you, and we look forward to continuing our relationships with you all! Major Partners and Granting Agencies University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Michigan Council for the Arts and Cul


In the most recent episode of “Let’s Watch with the Ann Arbor Film Festival” Dana Denha speaks with dancer and filmmaker Peter Sparling. From the time Sparling took an introduction to dance class in 10th grade at the Interlochen Arts Academy, he has been in love with choreography. He went on to study at Juilliard and has since combined his passion for dance with film to create some amazing artwork, including his film “A Screendance by Peter Sparling” shown in this episode. Sparling is a Professor of Dance at the University of Michigan and his installation, the Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP), is part of the 55th AAFF Off the Screen! series. This project invited students, alumni, and facult


On March 9th Duo Security will be hosting a screening of Generation Startup, a documentary chronicling the stories of six recent college graduates who have put everything on the line to launch start-ups in Detroit. This film, directed by Cynthia Wade and Cheryl Miller Houser, aims to celebrate their success and diversity while also being a call-to-action for young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship among 18-34 year olds is at a 24-year low, and this film highlights the importance of promoting and encouraging this type of economic development among young adults, especially women. Everyone in attendance will receive a discount code to purchase tickets for the 55th AAFF, March 21-26. Join us on Ma


As a sneak peek into the 55th Ann Arbor Film Festival, we bring you our list of film tracks highlighting some of the themes that have surfaced in this year’s Festival. Do you find it hard to decide which of our fantastic programs to attend? Then this film tracks series might help you navigate your way through the week. There is something for everyone at the 55th AAFF, so make sure to check it out below! FIND THE FULL PROGRAM, TICKETS AND PASSES ONLINE HERE. ALL AGES Short Films in Competition 8 - Almost All Ages (Ages 6+) March 25, 11:00am | Michigan Theater Main Auditorium Cranky Shows: Low-Tech, High Entertainment Paper Theatre March 25, 1:00pm | North Quad Space 2435 AMA


Off the Screen! On the Street is new promotional project happening in the lead-up to the Festival and during Festival week. Video art will be screened around downtown Ann Arbor, viewable from the street. This project aims to engage the community and build excitement around the 55th AAFF. On display will be a compilation of trailers from previous Ann Arbor Film Festivals along with new special projects installed around downtown Ann Arbor. South Fourth Avenue will have several artworks on display, including one by AAFF alumnae, Holly Fisher whose film BULLETS FOR BREAKFAST won the AAFF best experimental film award in 1992. Other locations include the 111 South 4th storefront, 4th and Washingto


We are excited to announce that Ruth Bradley, Mary Magsman and Jay Rosenblatt will be joining us for the 55th AAFF as our distinguished jurors! They will be at the Festival all week watching films and will award over $20,000 in cash and in kind prizes to the filmmakers. Ruth Bradley was the director of Ohio University’s Athens Center for Film and Video, executive director of the Athena Cinema, and served as director for Athens International Film and Video Festival for 28 years. Ruth was the director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival from 1982 to 1988. Mary Magsman has been the curator of the Aurora Picture Show, a recognized center for film and video art in Houston, Texas for the past eight yea



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