58 AAFF Live Stream FAQ

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is excited to present our first ever Live Stream event. Please read below for some troubleshooting suggestions.

What is the best way to watch the 58 AAFF Live Stream?

While we would love to present the work in a theater, this year we recommend watching on the biggest screen, best sound system or headphones and in the darkest room you have available. Create your own theater experience! We are dedicated to the best possible presentation of the work, and we hope that you are too. Because films will be streamed, the internet connection will need to be a strong connection and browsers must be to be up to date. 

Do I need the Vimeo app or a Vimeo account? 

You can use a web browser to watch the live stream or the Vimeo app. On a mobile device, the app may work better. You do not need an account to watch or participate in the chat.


I am trying to access the Vimeo link from the website but it shows nothing... is there a problem or is my computer?

The honest answer is that it could be either or both. Often, refreshing the web page will improve the image and sound. Our tech team is constantly monitoring the feed and makes adjustments when necessary. 


Is it possible to remove the 'chat' bar to full screen it?

In the lower right corner of the Vimeo window, the four arrows will take you to full screen and ‘esc’ will bring you back to the browser window.


Is it possible to stream on Roku with Vimeo?

Vimeo live streams are not available via Roku or AppleTV.


Does my web browser affect the live stream?

Our community is reporting more success using Chrome over other browsers. If you are getting an error message, it might also help to clear your browser history.


How can I vote for the audience award?

Please visit aafilmfest.org/vote to find all the audience ballots. Voting is open for the short films in competition during the program and for one hour following the Q&A. You can vote for a feature in competition any time after it plays. All voting ends at 2:45 on Sunday, March 29.


Will this be available after?

In agreement with the filmmakers, the 58 AAFF Live Stream is only available during the scheduled programs and is not recorded for later viewing.


What time zone is the live stream schedule in? 

All AAFF times are in Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00.


How do I participate in the Q&A?

There are instructions immediately following each program. Use the blue ASK button in the chat to submit questions. The moderator will not see questions in the regular chat function. 


I submitted a question using the ask button, why didn’t it get asked?

Sometimes we run out of time. Sometimes the moderator has a question they would rather ask. We try to have all the audience questions asked, but it isn’t always possible.


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