Shadowbox Cinema II

The Ann Arbor Film Festival and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) team up to present SHADOWBOX CINEMA II. This program presents 10 short international works, featuring experimental animation, documentary and narrative films making their Michigan premieres. The audience will vote to decide cash awards for their favorite films. Shadowbox Cinema II is co-curated by the AAFF's Donald Harrison and MOCAD's Ben Hernandez. This is a free public screening.

Films in the program:

The Bather [3 minutes] - George Griffin, New York, NY
A woman is observed showering behind a translucent curtain. Gradually the view is obscured by a superimposed flipbook: a sequence of drawing of a dancing woman.

The Collagist [2 minutes] - Amy Lockhart, Montreal, Canada
This animation began while observing collage artist Marc Bell, as he endeavors to complete his work. I interpreted and translated the beauty of toiling hands, the movement of scissors and a coffee cup spillage. It was created using paper puppets and cut-outs. - A. Lockhart

The Commoners [12 minutes] - Jessica Bardsley & Penny Lane, Troy, NY
In 1890, a wealthy eccentric named Eugene Schieffelin collected every bird ever mentioned by Shakespeare and released them into Central Park. The only one to survive in the New World was the European Starling, now among the commonest – and most despised – birds in America. The Commoners is an essay film about European Starlings, poetry, the rhetorical relationship between nationalism and environmentalism, and the paths people forge through history as they attempt to improve the natural world.

Loop Loop [5 minutes] - Patrick Bergeron, Montreal, Canada
Using animation, sounds warping and time shifts this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind. LoopLoop is made from a sequence I captured in a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam. I filmed the houses boarding the railroad. The 1,000 images of this sequence have been stitched into one long panoramic image. Into this long still image, I integrated other moving elements and built smooth transitions over it. - P. Bergeron

At Home With the Ants [10 minutes] - Jill Kennedy, Auckland, New Zealand
This film makes reference to the forms and conventions of a School Science Fair Project by re-contextualising material extracted from the forgotten and discarded media designed to introduce children to science and scientific concepts.

Chicago Corner - [5 minutes] Bill Brown, Madison, WI
I lived around the corner from the Henry Horner Homes. I once read an article about the place in the New York Times. The title of the article was "What It's Like To Live In Hell." By the time I moved to Chicago, the Horner Homes were empty. The city began to knock down the buildings, one by one, till there was only one building left. It stood there for years. Then the city knocked it down, too. - B. Brown

The Reed Trains [12 minutes] - Amir Husak, Brooklyn, NY
An essay film that examines the aftermath of violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina through the prism of railway travel. Once a complex network that provided connections to many European cities, Bosnia’s railroad suffered an intense period of destruction in the early 1990s. The demolition of hundreds of miles of rail tracks has left many small towns and villages virtually isolated from the rest of the world. Driven by a largely autobiographical text from one the country’s most promising young writers, Nihad Hasanovic, The Reed Trains blends the personal and political in a story about trains and coming of age in a city under siege.

Bird & Frog [3 minutes] - Ted Kennedy, Ann Arbor, MI
The corporeal afterlife of a bird & frog. Film score by Lisa Hiatt.

Elfmädchen [17 minutes] - Mirka Morales, San Francisco, CA
Elfmädchen (elfgirls) is an abstract portrait of a narcoleptic girl, a fairy tale without a prince set amongst the urban decay of SOMA, San Francisco. Her dreams become weirder, more lucid, flowing in & out of reality. Each dream study has its own feel, from tropical to wacky to ominous and back to childlike. The animation in Elfmädchen was inspired by a trip to Puerto Rico. Mirka wanted to recreate the lush neon tropical beauty, sounds and magical dream-inducing air of this place she calls home.

Meeskeit [8 minutes] - Neil Needleman, Kotonah, NY
The poignant story of two meeskeits (ugly people) and the beautiful relationship they never really had.

Posted on November 20th, 2010